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Smart contracts are predefined sets of rules that function on the Ethereum Blockchain. These contracts serve as agreements between two or more parties and are stored securely on the Blockchain. Once the specified conditions are met, the contract executes the predetermined actions automatically. One notable feature of smart contracts is their immutability, as they cannot be altered by any external entity. If modifications are required, they necessitate changes across the entire network. Smart contracts are known for their speed, reliability, automation, immutability, and tamper-proof nature.


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    ERC-20 Smart Contracts

    ERC-20 has evolved as the technical standard for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

    ERC-721 Smart Contracts

    ERC-721 was designed to make it easier to track and move non-fiduciary tokens inside of smart contracts.

    Token Management

    Automated Smart Contracts are developed for all token-related services.

    Stablecoins Contract

    Hire the best smart contract development business with a tonne of experience in the blockchain industry for the stablecoins contracts.

    Blockchain Stack using Solidity
    Why Solidity

    Smart Contract Development Process

    Requirement Definition: The client presents us with their precise business requirements, which serve as the foundation for the smart contract development process. We carefully analyze their needs and select the most suitable programming language accordingly.

    Architecture and Prototype: Our skilled developers construct the contract’s structure, incorporating the essential business logic. This serves as a blueprint for the entire development process, providing guidance and direction.

    Smart Contract Development: In this phase, we write the code for the smart contract on the chosen blockchain platform. Rigorous unit testing is performed to ensure that the contract functions as intended. We specialize in designing and developing tailored contracts for diverse sectors, catering to specific industry requirements.

    What comes after development?

    Internal Auditing: Through a comprehensive audit process, we assess the performance of the smart contract to verify its adherence to the planned functionality and security requirements.

    Deployment: Following internal auditing and optimization, the smart contracts are deployed on the main network, ensuring their availability for use.

    Ongoing Support: Hokrix remains committed to providing extensive support even after deployment. Our dedicated team is readily available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your smart contract journey.

    Our Solidity
    Why Solidity

    We are here for you

    Leveraging our smart contract development services, you can establish secure and cost-effective agreements that are tailor-made for your organization. Our experienced smart contract developers adhere to industry best practices in architecture, design, development, audit, and optimization. By digitizing business processes and enabling trusted transactions, we empower you to harness the full potential of smart contracts for your organization.

    Smart Contract Development Services

    Smart Contract Apps

    DApps utilize smart contracts to overcome various limitations and drawbacks, thereby providing a more robust and efficient solution. 

    Smart Contract Architecture

    Our highly skilled team diligently works to ensure a flawless workflow by meticulously eliminating any programming errors. 

    Smart Contract Defi

    Our automated DeFi smart contract offers versatile applications, including insurance, billing, claim settlement, and asset tracking. 

    Smart Contract DEX

    Leveraging our services provides numerous benefits, including enhanced privacy, secure handling of digital assets, private keys, and data. We prioritize the highest standards of confidentiality.

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